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Fully Customizable Smart Home Security

We know home security. During an alarm, you’ll be protected by the technology you want and the professionals you need.

  • Check icon Top-of-the-line home security systems; no cutting corners
  • Check icon 24/7 professional monitoring to keep your home safe
  • Check icon 30-day risk-free trial with low monitoring rates
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―   J.D. Power

J.D. Power Trophy for Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems

#1 in customer satisfaction
two years in a row

with pro-installed home security systems, 2019

For J.D. Power 2019 award information, visit

J.D. Power Trophy for Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems

―   J.D. Power

Always Stay

Know what's happening at home from anywhere, at any time.

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    Control locks, cameras, lights, thermostats and more.

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    See and speak to visitors and family, including pets.

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    Get instant alerts sent to your smartphone.

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Your system comes pre-configured and ready to install, with equipment from one of the most trusted brands. It is backed by a brand that stands for protection and dependabilty

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Response Time

You will get a fast alarm response 24/7 from trained professionals in our response center. You will be able to stay connected with your contacts with ASAPer®.

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Energy Management

The latest thermostats let you adjust the temperature anytime from anywhere. You can also control your lighting remotely or on a preset schedule.

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Control your home security or smart-home system with your smartphone. You can also choose equipment that is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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Indoor/Outdoor video cameras and video doorbells are popular home security options. Track what is happening by watching live on your mobile device.

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Customer Service

We are committed to providing the best customer service to more than 1 million customers. You can reach us by phone, chat, or text for quick answers and support

Our Innovative Security Systems

Our cutting-edge wireless systems put safety at your fingertips and give you a way to be secure no matter where you are.
  • Check icon Fast, dependable 24/7 alarm monitoring
  • Check icon A full selection of smart-home options, including locks and lights
  • Check icon Control from anywhere with our mobile app
or call 866.800.5764

Always on alert to protect what matters most

Pro-monitoring centers are staffed around-the-clock by experts trained to analyze alarms and dispatch the right authorities within seconds.

or call 866.800.5764

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