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Brinks Home SecurityTM

Brinks Home Security™ stands above the crowd with more than a decade of experience in delivering innovative alarm services and automation technology.

  • Cutting-edge technology with easy installation
  • Fully functional during phone and power outages
  • Patented technology prevents intruders from disabling the alarm
Our security consultants will help you customize a system that fits your safety needs.
or call 866.527.5409

Here’s why our customers love us

The 3 most important things to know
  • Brinks Home Security gives you a 30-day, risk free-guarantee
  • We protect more than 1 million people every day
  • Our systems are pre-configured, intuitive and easy to use
“The team are absolute experts! Things have been excellent.”
– Tim from Houston, Texas
or call 866.527.5409

Get more with Brinks Home Security

Our Customers Love Us


Your system comes preconfigured and ready to install, with equipment from the most trusted brands. It’s backed by a brand that stands for protection and dependability.
Our Customers Love Us

Response Time

You’ll get fast 24/7 alarm response from trained professionals in our response center. You’ll also be able to stay connected with your contacts with ASAPer.


Control your home security or smart-home system with your smartphone. You can also choose equipment that’s compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.
Our Customers Love Us

Energy Management

The latest thermostats let you adjust the temperature anytime from anywhere. You can also control your lighting remotely or on a pre-set schedule.
Our Customers Love Us


Indoor/outdoor video cameras – as well as video doorbells – are a popular home security option. Track what’s happening by watching live on your mobile device.
Our Customers Love Us

Customer Service

We’re committed to providing the best customer service to more than 1 million customers. You can reach us by phone, chat or text for quick answers and support.

Our security consultants will help you customize a system that fits your safety needs.
or call 866.527.5409

Innovative Home Security

Our cutting-edge wireless systems put safety at your fingertips and give you a way to protect your home no matter where you are.

  • Fast, dependable 24/7 alarm monitoring
  • Real-time mobile communication during an alarm with ASAPer
  • Easy addition of indoor and outdoor video cameras
  • A full selection of smart-home options, including locks and lights
  • Control from anywhere with our mobile app
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Our security consultants will help you customize a system that fits your safety needs.
or call 866.527.5409

#1 Ranked Home Security

"The best self-installed wireless home security solution for most people."

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Google Rating - 4.6 Stars
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